Pelvic Floor and Core Program (one-on-one only)

The program fits both woman and men!


Do you pee a little when you laugh, cough, lifting weights?

✅ Are you a chest breather?

✅ Painful and long periods?

Do you have a lower belly pooch no matter how much you diet or work your core?!

✅ Painful intercourse?

✅ Lower back issues?

✅ Do you wake up at night to pee?

✅ Does your belly feel heavy after a meal?

✅ Varicose veins?

✅ Hemorrhoid?


✅ Do you have chronic vaginal infections?

✅ Do you need a core recovery after having a child-birth?

If you answered yes to 2 or more, chances are you have a weak core, inactive glutes and a potential pelvic floor organ prolapse!


This Program is designed to help your core and pelvic floor to strengthen, support and optimize the functionality of your core muscles.



This program is designed and instructed by Lana Sorokina (Certified Fitness Trainer, Pelvic Floor and Core Strengthening Specialist Nutritionist).  Lana has over 8-year experience in helping people to get stronger, lose weight and feel happier with their lives!





One-On-One Packages





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