Artur Tumanov

Artur Tumanov

Artur Tumanov

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Artur tried almost all sports activities in town in his childhood but didn’t really choose his favourite. All doctors were positive that he would not be able to exercise. He proved the opposite. He has completed competitive swimming and weightlifting, and over 5 years of kickboxing.

Artur is an innovative fitness educator and movement coach with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. He combines his knowledge of traditional and non-traditional methods of therapy and treatments. His complex approach is based on combinations of Western and Asian medicine and nutrition. He will make sure to find an effective solution for your body.

He has a degree in Biology and Human Anatomy, multiple certificates in the fitness industry in Personal training, Nutrition and Rehabilitation After Injuries, Manual Therapy and NeuroKinetic Therapy.

His experience in the fitness field includes a range of fitness disciplines, fusing together training styles such as Olympic lifts, kettlebell training, sports-specific and speed-agility training, and specialized training for post-rehab and corrective exercise clients. Art’s focus is on creating individualized programs that help to achieve his client’s goals through a hollistic approach

♦ Personal Trainer

♦ Group Fitness Trainer

♦ Sport Nutritionist

♦ Post-Injuries Recovery Specialist

♦ Corrective Exercises Coach


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