Svetlana Sorokina

Svetlana Sorokina

Svetlana Sorokina

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Lana (Studio Manager, Trainer, Nutritionist) was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, in 1986. Her first serious relationship with the sport was in 2005, when she won a silver medal for her aerobic team at the Moscow University Championship. After she continued to study the fitness industry and got her experience in personal training. In 2009, she moved to Canada to complete her degree in Business Administration. During her studies, she was also involved in kickboxing and weightlifting. Then she decided to prove her sport and nutrition knowledge and get her Canadian fitness certificate as a personal and group fitness trainer. Lana started at Kamloops Fitness Centre in September 2015, and decided to enter her first Bikini competition. She received her certificates as a Nutritionist at the International Sports Sciences Association, furthering her studies and certifications with the International Institute of Social Ecology, and Bioexpert Association, and Animal Flow.


Personal Fitness Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer

Fitness Nutritionist

Pelvic Floor Fitness Specialist

Animal Flow L1 Certified Instructor

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