Svetlana Sorokina

Svetlana Sorokina

Svetlana Sorokina

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Svetlana Sorokina (aka Lana), a co-owner of Kamloops Fit Centre. 

“I am a fitness professional passionate about improving people’s health and quality of life, with almost 10 years of experience.

Through multiple certifications and courses, I have developed extensive knowledge in personal training, strength and mobility, pelvic floor dysfunction and post-partum recovery, working around specific needs and physical abilities. 

I am a certified Animal Flow instructor, a ground-based movement practice inspired by bodyweight training principles that develop strength, mobility and flexibility. 

When I am not at the studio, teaching/rinning the business/working out, you can find me studying, reading, hiking, travelling with family and friends, or playing with my cats.” 


You can sign up with me for:

1️⃣ Private Personal Training 

2️⃣ Mini-Group Fitness Classes on Mon at 9:15, 5:45 pm, Fri at 09:15 pm. 

3️⃣ Animal Flow Classes on Wed at 06:15. 

4️⃣ Pelvic Floor Strengthening Personal Programs 

5️⃣ Functional Movement Assessment



Personal Fitness Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer

Fitness Nutritionist

Pelvic Floor Fitness Specialist

Animal Flow L1 Certified Instructor

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