Kamloops Mom of Three Says She Lost 80 lb After Choosing a Healthier Life for Her Children and Herself


At one point of her life, Miranda’s weight was 202 lb, and she couldn’t stand for long periods of time, she couldn’t chase her two young sons.
Over 13 years my weight fluctuated between 138-202 lbs. I tried everything to lose weight. Clenbuterol, Caffeine, ephedrine, cocaine, shakes, detoxes, juice diets, not eating, you name it legal or not – I tried it. The weight was always coming back”
Miranda started to gain weight when she was 17, when she moved away from home. In a matter of months, she had put on 40lbs. She continued gaining pounds through her two pregnancies.
From 2003- 2011 I struggled on and off with drugs and alcohol. Making many bad life choices. In August of 2011 I made the choice to live a healthier life for my children. I’ve been clean for over 5 years now.
Miranda was not happy with her body and her weight. Realizing that she was unhappy weighing in at 185 pounds, Miranda decided to try Crossfit and was really enjoying it for 2 years. She had lost lots of weight and gained lots of muscle.
Unfortunately, in 2014 she injured herself and had to quit. She was 135lbs when she quit.
Over the next few months, I struggled with much pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015.I struggled with diagnosis as well as depression and anxiety, for the next year I did nothing. I lost all my muscle mass and gained fat. Mostly in my middle”
By April 2016 Miranda was so unhappy with herself. It was mostly because none of her clothes would fit anymore. Summer was coming, and none of her cute summer shorts did up. She was confused and not sure what to do. It was then that she decided to stop making excuses, and began her weight loss journey again instead of buying a new wardrobe.
“In May I found Kamloops Fit Centre’s Bikini Body Program and was doing that for 3 months. I am currently at my ideal weight and happy to eat the way I do and workout the way I do. I am still working out at Kamloops Fit Centre, using their small group punch card membership. What I like about this gym is the amount of personalization. The small group sizes make sure you are getting the attention you need to be doing the exercises properly. The classes are adapted for every individual there, no matter what. The trainers are incredibly supportive and encouraging. The amount of knowledge the trainers have is absolutely incredible.


Today, Miranda also regularly works out and practices a much healthier diet, focusing on a balanced daily routine.
“I enjoy working out and the things my body can do for me now. Sometimes it is hard to make the time but it’s always there. 30-60 minutes scrolling Facebook could be used as workout time. That’s all it takes. That’s not a huge time commitment. I have had an incredibly supportive family thru all of this. My partner has supported everything I’ve chosen to do and made his own changes as well.”
As for her advice to others trying to lose weight and living healthy, Miranda says it’s all about a balanced lifestyle.
“I live by an 80/20 rule, I eat the absolute healthiest I can 80 % of the time, so that I can eat whatever I want the other 20% and never feel guilty. When eating out order food to suit me. I order an unseasoned chicken burger with no bun, with a side salad. I enjoy lemon juice on my salad, and sometimes some mustard with my chicken. I don’t eat out much thou as I do prefer my own kitchen creations, chili lime shrimp, sweet potato fries, and salmon to name a few.”
When Miranda looks in the mirror, she sees a much healthier person and hopes to inspire others with her story.
“I’ve got some really great goals that I was able to identify with the support and encouragement of my trainer. I am currently taking my personal training certification so that I can inspire and encourage others to become healthier. I’d also like to do a bikini competition once I turn 35.”