Personal Training

ONE-ON-ONE. Weight loss, strength, and pain-free movement!


  • Custom Training Program based on your goals and adjusted along with your progress
  • Training Plan is built specifically to your needs (based on injures, preferences, goals, recovery time).



  • Macro Breakdown Specific to your Goals (Build Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Maintenance) and macro-adjustments as needed.
  • Up to 7-day Sample Food Plans specific to YOU
  • Supplement/Vitamins Recommendations




What our clients say:

‘I really have to give a glowing recommendation for my experience with trainers at Kamloops Fit Centre! I love the training I have received in this program. I started back in late May and have been following it effortlessly ever since. The communication is always spot on – I can reach my trainer whenever I need her. I enjoy the weekly check-ins because they hold me accountable. Included in the check-ins are progress photos, weight, measurements, questions, etc. The feedback I receive is invaluable and very important to the progress. I have already reached Goal #1 and now I am working on Goal #2. The meal plan I received is excellent too. They require a very detailed questionnaire to be filled out to ensure you receive the proper food for your body

 and lifestyle to reach your goals. I appreciate that it is flexible and adjustable.  I do not find myself hungry. Lana, thank you! Your upbeat, positive, encouraging, and radiant energy is really special. I highly recommend personal training including distance training to anyone that has a goal for health and fitness. My life has changed for the better and I will not stop. The best part of this is that it is a lifestyle choice, not just a “fad” or temporary solution. The way the training and diet are handled are for long-term success and maintenance.’ (Tasha B.)

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‘I absolutely love personal training at Kamloops Fit Centre! It has kept me accountable and on track. The weekly check-ins are great! The training plan has me doing exactly what I should be doing so I never walk into the gym wondering ‘what to do next’. The meal plan is so easy to follow and has changed how I eat (I’m NEVER hungry). This is the best thing I could’ve done for myself. The trainer has been so amazingly supportive, with tons of communication, tips, and positive encouragement. The personal training has been amazing and I recommend it to anyone looking to better themselves in any way.’ (Miranda M.)

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Nicole Y
Nicole Y
Personal Training
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There is nothing like the one to one sessions I get with Lana. She helps to keep me on track, ensures I am keeping the right posture and her gentle and positive personality keeps me coming back! I also love learning from her!
Post Partum Fitness and Conditioning
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As a busy maternity care provider with 4 children who takes my health seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my sessions with Lana and Art. I had tried multiple gyms in Kamloops before finding them and what they offer as a family run business is truly unique.
Steven C
Steven C
Shoulder Injury
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While waiting for shoulder surgery I decided to see Art to help with my injury recovery. After 4 months working with Art twice a week, I just came back from seeing my Surgeon and was told that it would have taken me over 1 1/2 years to have seen the same results after surgery as I had accomplished with Art after just 4 months. I no longer require surgery and the Surgeon even suggested I not get Cortisone shots!

Artur Tumanov

Svetlana Sorokina